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One-Day Planning Facilitation:

Great for boards and/or community leaders, this one-day facilitation helps an organization assess key opportunities and/or challenge and develop short term goals to address the needs..  We start with developing key data based on whether it is an organization or community specific approach and walk through small and full group discussion leading to consensus goals.

Focused Strategic Planning:

We take a deeper dive on data and in-depth conversation with the client on the organization goals, and the program or project being considered to give an initial starting point for determining opportunities and challenges. The process then includes 4-5 days on-site, meeting confidentially with key stakeholders, then in a one-day group session with board and/or stakeholders. This is  followed by working with staff and leadership on defining the strategies and key action steps for implementation and validating those again with key stakeholders.   This process also helps lead into a fund-raising effort, if one is planned or needed, by assuring hot button items are addressed.

Organizational Review and Development:

For smaller chamber, economic development, foundation and social service organizations,  we believe it is valuable to look at the overall role in the community and if you are structured to achieve that role (or need to modify the role).  Along with looking at the mission and structure, we work with you to develop job descriptions, budgets, marketing and resources to be effective and successful. The scope of this work is truly based on what your organization needs and how we work together to meet the objectives.   


We offer training from a lunch presentation to half-day on key topics related to Chambers, economic, community and workforce development as well as our experiences (and that of our Joplin businesses and organization) on disaster recovery and preparation.   These “basics” can stand alone, or serve as board/stakeholder training or as a thought-starter for your organization to begin gaining support for key projects or programs.  We also partner with other organizations that can provide long-term orgnizational development and training opportunities as needed.

Special Projects:

Does your organization need help with specific projects?  Let’s talk.   We have background in helping companies with site selection, helping chambers and economic development organizations improve their responses to site selection inquires, developing business parks, creating workforce and education programs, assessing community development projects, creating special events for organizations and more. 
We are happy to talk through ideas and assess the potential with you anytime.  Just Contact Us and let us know what you’re thinking  about and we will set-up a call.