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Economic, Workforce,
Community and Business
Development Consulting


O'Brian & Associates exists to offer economic, workforce, and community development consulting. 
We also facilitate planning with not-for-profits and businesses to set effective strategies and directions.
We are here to work with you; sharing your passion for your organization and your place.

A Passion for People….and Places.

At O’Brian & Associates, we have a passion to help BUILD organizations to be successful, especially those that work hard to meet their communities needs.  ​​​Chambers of Commerce, economic development organizations, social service organizations, foundations and government entities all play major roles in helping the people in their communities prosper and thrive. We help those organizations look at ways to build on current achievements, be more successful going forward and, in turn, help their communities GROW.​​

Of course, planning and implementation assume building on what exists today.  But we know that challenges and disruptions occur as well.  We have experience with the unexpected and how your community can be better prepared to deal with disaster. That experience can help your organization and community plan for disaster or recover from one, whether natural or manmade.   
The services below are a starting point for discussing what your organization needs and  working with you to meet those needs.

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 We are here to work with you, sharing your passion for your organization, your place and the people in that place.  

We tailor our services to your needs.  From a one-day planning facilitation to set goals for the year, to broad community consensus processes, to development of longer-term strategies, to organizational structure and funding; we make sure we understand what you need and work within a set budget to help you reach your goals. 

We also do speaking engagements to help organizations give their boards and /or community leaders background to set the stage for action on down the road.  Some of these include basic overviews of trends in chambers, economic development, workforce development and disaster planning. We can overview your community with relevant current data and trends to highlight the need for action going forward.  We have a lot of experience but that experience also informs us when we need to recommend people with experitse in some areas to best meet the needs of your organization and community.  With more than thirty years working in Chambers and economic, workforce and community development and assisting not-for profits, we have great contacts who can help your organization and community as needed.   

Our base services, subject to client input are:


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